Success Stories

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Talitha- I think that you can try anything using the words of inspiration in this story. It is a real life challenge that someone might want to achieve and feel proud that they at least had a go. I really enjoyed listening to Gilbert Filbert and it has given us many creative ideas how to produce work in class and for our project.

Luke - I think Gilbert Filbert is a very fun book, with a serious point to it and it's encouraging you to make a difference yourself by using humour. If used properly it could inspire people to actually make a difference to the world and then lead to making a difference to people's perspectives around the world - which is what we were going to try as a class in our own M.A.D Project. The book's meaning is a good one, showing how Gilbert made one little difference, which in the long term made a big difference and he did it in such a simple way.

Stanley- I think Gilbert Filbert is a really good book, different to the normal book I read or listen to. It is really funny and helped my creative writing skills because if I write an adventure story I will now think of goals and reasons for an adventure.

These posters represent how students have used Gilbert Filbert's MAD Box to think through a specific issue and come to a solution by themselves.